Behavorial Techniques to Stop Compulsive Eating?

Answer Compulsive overeating is regularly eating large amounts of food even when you are not hungry. Compulsive overeaters often eat a lot of food, quickly, and possibly to the point of discomfort. Accord... Read More »

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How to Use Visualization Techniques to Stop Eating Unhealthy Food?

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How to Break Free From Compulsive Eating?

Compulsive eating is a psychological condition that has deep-seated causes such as sexual or physical abuse, poor coping mechanisms and physical or emotional trauma. There are physical and psycholo... Read More »

How to Overcome Compulsive Eating: Raw Food?

There are many methods of dealing with compulsive overeating. Organizations such as the Mayo Clinic and Overeaters Annonymous stress the importance of healthier snacks. One great way to impliment ... Read More »

How to Stop Compulsive Shopping?

Shopping is a popular activity for man, but when it becomes excessive, there's a problem. Compulsive shopping is an addiction, just like drugs or gambling. As a disorder affecting more women than m... Read More »