Behavioral Help for Teachers in the Classroom?

Answer Student misbehavior takes many forms, such as the argumentative student, the class clown, the attention seeker, the annoying distracter and the know it all. No matter what the behavior problem, it ... Read More »

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How Teachers Can Help LEP Students Understand Classroom Activities?

LEP students, or limited English proficiency students, can be a challenge for any teacher. Students who are working to learn English as well as keep up with their peers academically face a major st... Read More »

Behavioral Objectives in the Classroom?

The primary objective for any teacher is to help students understand the subject she is teaching. One key component to ensuring that your classroom is able to focus on learning is to make certain t... Read More »

Classroom Behavioral Games?

Much of classroom success for both a teacher and a student depends on positive behaviors. An unruly classroom or even just one student who has behavior that isn't well managed will disrupt learning... Read More »

Behavioral Problems in the Classroom?

In every grade, teachers struggle with students that misbehave during class. These students disrupt others and prevent the teacher from being an effective educator. Knowing how to spot behavioral p... Read More »