Behavioral Adaptations of the Box Turtle?

Answer Box turtles (Terrapene carolina) are land-dwelling reptiles that inhabit regions of the Midwest and eastern United States, as well as parts of southern Canada and eastern Mexico. They can live to b... Read More »

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What kind of turtle is a painted turtle?

The range of Chrysemys picta, the painted turtle, extends from coast to coast in the United States and spills over into adjacent areas of Canada and Mexico. This colorful turtle lives in a watery w... Read More »

Are turtle shells supposed to fall off the turtle?

No, turtle shells aren't supposed to fall off. A shell is made from bone and plates made of keratin called scutes. Many freshwater turtles will shed their scutes as they grow but they do not shed t... Read More »

Spider Adaptations?

The varieties of spiders living across the globe inhabit many different environments and have adapted to a number of pressures. Many of these are prey-related, while others are environmental. Spide... Read More »

Adaptations of the Hydra?

Related to jellyfish, sea anemones and coral, hydra are simple, radially symmetrical animals that catch prey with stinging tentacles. Most are tiny -- usually under 0.6 inches in length -- and an i... Read More »