Behavior Expectations in a High School Classroom?

Answer Teachers in high school settings have to deal with a challenge that can be more difficult than their regular teaching duties: dealing with teenagers. As these adolescents get older and start to enj... Read More »

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Problems With High School Classroom Behavior?

Children's high school behavior is dependent upon many factors, including how well they do academically, what their home life is like and what kinds of discipline they are used to. When a teacher h... Read More »

High School Classroom Behavior Management Activities?

Occasionally even the best communicated classroom behavior policies will fall short. Whether they are just bored, confused or antsy, students may act up in class, talking too loudly or disrespectfu... Read More »

High Expectations in the Classroom?

Expectations play an important role in education. Students who are expected to get good grades and go on to college usually do, but what about those who are the focus of lower expectations? By proj... Read More »

How to Set Expectations for Your Children's Behavior in Public?

Setting limits for your child will help to encourage good public behavior.