Beginning Vowel Sounds Games?

Answer Meaningful instruction in sound-letter relationships sets up students to be successful readers and writers. The more students know about sound-letter relationships, the more they can get beyond th... Read More »

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Games for Short Vowel Sounds?

Long before there was "Hooked on Phonics," primary school educators knew that sound was the key to helping youngsters learn their vowels. But to ask a first or second grader to grasp that sometimes... Read More »

Games to Play to Learn Long Vowel Sounds?

Vowel sounds can be a tricky concept to learn for children just beginning to read. As they learn about short vowels, long vowels and many other vowel combinations, students can get confused. One wa... Read More »

Ideas for Games for Teaching Beginning Consonant Sounds?

There are 25 consonant sounds and 19 vowel sounds that make up the English language. Consonant sounds are sounds made by any letter(s) that are not vowels. These sounds are important to teach presc... Read More »

How many vowel sounds are in English?

The English alphabet has five vowels and sometimes includes "y" as a sixth. However, the English language includes 25 distinct vowel sounds, according to the University of Florida. For instance, it... Read More »