Beginning Music Concepts for Children?

Answer Turn the abstract concepts of music into ones children can grasp and understand. Beginning concepts such as tempo and pitch are simple enough for children to grasp by listening to and singing diffe... Read More »

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What are some good concepts that children should know?

You should teach them how to interact with other children the best way to do that is to take them to a park and see how well they react with the other children. Most kids are shy and will be wall f... Read More »

How to Build Self-Concepts in Children Through Art?

A self-concept is the set of ideas an individual holds about himself. A child's self-concept encompasses identity and behavior; it is her place in the world, who she is and what she must do. Art ca... Read More »

What Concepts Are Children Learning During Reading?

As a child learns to read and begins to read independently, she develops and expands on concepts related to language. All of our communication is founded on language, whether it is spoken or unspok... Read More »

Math Concepts in Children's Literature for Middle School?

Interdisciplinary activities help children to see that one subject does not exist in a vacuum. Each discipline has its own properties and both take on new characteristics when two are combined. Mak... Read More »