Beginning ESL Games?

Answer English as a second language (ESL) classes are designed to teach English to non-native speakers. Games are an excellent tool to use in the classroom, particularly when trying to reach beginning stu... Read More »

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Beginning Subtraction Games?

Subtraction is the inverse (opposite) operation of addition. Subtraction tells us the difference between two quantities, how many less or how many are left. Unlike addition, subtraction does not fo... Read More »

Beginning Algebra Games?

Beginning Algebra is an important milestone in a child's math education, where he uses the basis of arithmetic and forms a foundation for his progress to advanced mathematics. Whether your child su... Read More »

Beginning Word Games for Kids?

When young children are first learning to read and write words, it's important to keep activities fun and engaging to promote practice and learning. It's simple to create word games for young child... Read More »

Beginning Vowel Sounds Games?

Meaningful instruction in sound-letter relationships sets up students to be successful readers and writers. The more students know about sound-letter relationships, the more they can get beyond th... Read More »