Beginner question about using microsoft Excel?

Answer Simply select the data you want to place in order and click Sort.

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How do I send a question to a Microsoft Excel discussion group?

Start a new thread within the discussion group if you cannot find the answer you are looking for. Click "New" within the discussion group and select "Question." Click the "Subject" box and type in ... Read More »

Disadvantages of Using Microsoft Excel?

Microsoft Excel is a very popular piece of spreadsheet software. Many businesses and schools have adopted it because of its good reputation and useful features, such as time-saving formulas and the... Read More »

How do I subtract using Microsoft Excel?

Place the Numbers in CellsClick on the top left cell in the worksheet, called cell A1 because it is at the intersection of column A and Row 1. Type in the first number and press "Enter." The cursor... Read More »

How to Make Tables Using Microsoft Excel?

In addition to its other spreadsheet features, Microsoft Excel offers you the ability to essentially create mini-spreadsheets within its pages. Known as lists in Excel 2003 and as tables in Excel 2... Read More »