Beginner ESL Student Activities?

Answer As a teacher of beginner ESL students, you will need to be creative and resourceful. Standard classroom materials such as workbooks usually aren't appropriate for new language learners, who need to... Read More »

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What size reeds should a beginner clarinet student use?

Clarinet reeds are made according to hardness and rated by strength. They are numbered 1 through 5, with 1 being the softest. It is recommended that a beginner start with a level 2 or 2.5 reed. Thi... Read More »

Student Retention & Student Activities in High School?

High school-age students have more freedom and responsibility for their education than those in other grade levels. Because of this freedom and responsibility, student retention at the high school ... Read More »

Student Passport Activities?

As students face challenges arising from classroom diversity and bullying by peers, the study of the differences among people and cultures is more important than ever. With field trips to foreign c... Read More »

Student Economics Activities?

Economics covers a broad range of financial topics from personal expenditures to business financial structure to how countries interact with one another. These concepts can be difficult for student... Read More »