Been invited to a hot tub party tomorrow but i came on today?

Answer stick one up there and go have fun hunny!

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I've just been invited to a birthday party for a 2 year-old. How many cases of bourbon should I bring?

How much do you need to drink yourself comatose? That's the main question. Because a Two-year-old doesn't know **** about birthday parties. So what's the ******* point? Really, you should do th... Read More »

I have been invited to a dinner party and told not to bring anything. should i take something anyway?

You can bring the hostess some flowers, or a bottle of wine, beer, drinks depends on what type of a party/atmosphere it is.

How to get invited to a party?

From personal experience I can say that this strategy works well: Make a joke out of asking, such as "So when is the party of the century going down?" or if you know the date and time of the party ... Read More »

I was invited to a Mad Hatter Tea Party?

pick up Milano cookies, or Tea cakes ( a type of cookie that is not very sweet.)either will be perfect.if you wanted , you could take elegant paper napkins.