Been feeling vey weak lately?

Answer As you are playing soccer then you need to eat more and eat high energy foods. Tell your mom how you are feeling and she could sort you out a really good diet. A good balanced beeakfast is the most... Read More »

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So lately I've been feeling sick to my stomach?

Why have i been feeling down and tired lately?

You seem to have a fatigue problem. Perhaps the energy vitamin B12 can help or a vitamin B complex. Coenzyme Q10 can also help to boost your energy level as in Read More »

I'm a vegetarian and I haven't been feeling that well lately, is this normal?

I am a vegetarian to and the first 3 weeks of my vegetation i felt the same way to. It passes after about 1 monthGood Luck!

I had a docs appointment on monday and everything was ok..... But i have been feeling really tired and weak si?

NOt overly concern but watch what you are eating For a diabetic ;; eating healthy is very important