Been constipated for 3 Weeks but abdomen pain is gone?

Answer If I understand your situation correctly, you are going to the bathroom now on a regular basis but the stool is hard and you have to strain to have a bowel movement. Let me suggest that you buy so... Read More »

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Im 27 weeks pregnant this is our first baby and im experiencing constant pain in my abdomen it feels as if you at to much is this normal?

Answer yea its normal its false labor i went through it with my pregnancy.

Im Having Pain In My Lower Right Abdomen Near My Hip Bone,And Some Pain In My Liver To Anyone what it could be?

If you are unsure of the cause of your body pains, or if you do not know the specific treatment recommendations for your condition, you should seek medical attention. Do this at the soonest possibl... Read More »

Whats the best thing to do when your 6 weeks along and very constipated?

Answer Naturally, eat more ruffage, green veggies, dark leaf lettuces. You can do fiberous mixes, like metamucil. Prune or apple juice. No laxatives or chalky aides.

What do you do when your constipated and have a real pain in your side?

You can try doing an enema, available in the drug store. But you need to understand that this is a dangerous situation and you should go see a doctor right away if you can't clear it out immediately.