Bee sting please help!!!?

Answer Call 911. Sounds like a severe allergic reaction.

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Bee sting help please?

1. Remove any bands or jewelry from the area.2. Visually look for a stinger. If one is present, remove it with a flat-surfaced item such as a credit card with a sweeping motion. Do not use tweezers... Read More »

Bee sting.. please help!!?

He is suffering a more severe allergic reaction. He may need to seek medical attention if his condition worsens.

I got a bee sting yesterday, please help?

Get the stinger out ASAP if it is still in there. That is the very first thing you should do and what you should have done as soon as you got home yesterday.Wash with soap and water. If you have me... Read More »

Why didn't this wasp sting me, help please?

hmm maybe she laid eggs somwhere in your body and was just trying to relocate their location inorder to feed them