Bee sting or Wasp sting which hurts more?

Answer The interesting thing is that bee and wasp stings are completely opposite. Bee stings are acidic, and thus can be neutralised with an alkali, whereas wasps are alkali and can be neutralised with an... Read More »

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How can you tell a wasp sting from a bee sting?

Wasps are more likely to sting you, since they're a lot more aggressive than bees. You can tell the difference easily, bees leave their stingers in your skin and die a while later. Wasps don't have... Read More »

Wasp Sting. If swelling persists more them 24 hour, what should I do?

I just got stung today on the back of my hand. About 7 hrs ago. I have never been stung and had this much swelling. Maybe because it's in the hand, I don't know. To get the swelling to go down... Read More »

Wasp sting?

Bee Bicarp, Vinegar Wasp.I learnt this at school in science (one of the few things I took through with me from science class!). Bee stings are acidic, so put bicarbonate of soda on them to neutrali... Read More »


Ice the eye and take some antihistamines - e.g benadryl, zyrtec, or claratyne - these will help with the swelling.Edit for Adam - antihistamines are basic treatment for a swollen, puffy bug bite, e... Read More »