Bee sting in dogs mouth and swollen up what can i do?

Answer Call a vet and ask if its OK to give a little anti histamine (sorry about the spelling)

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Bee sting help... Swollen face?

That is not completely unheard off. But with it being on his face and close to his nose and mouth I strongly suggest he start taking Benedryl/Diphenhydramine now to assure he has no problems with b... Read More »

Is it normal for a bee sting to be swollen Will you ever no get stung by a bee?

You have been stung; it is normal to have had some kind of reaction to any sting! I have never been stung by a bee; bees do not tend to sting unless provoked, as the sting is part of their body and... Read More »

My tongue and roof of mouth sting?

Use mouthwash to kill whatever making you burn even though its gonna burn worst but the burn means its working

Swollen roof of mouth?

I don't know, but you should be seeing a dentist for this, not a physician. Make an appointment ASAP.