Bee sting 2nd time, is it fatal?

Answer Take an aspirin (if you know you do not have an allergy to aspirin) Ice your finger. It will get much bigger in the next 24 hours. If it gets too bad go to the Emergency Room. You are not in shock... Read More »

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How much jail time will a first time offender get if they are caught in an internet underage sex sting?

Answer If I were in that position, I would tell them to report it immediately! I would tell them, if they don't, I will. That person's life and/or well-being may actually be in danger. After readi... Read More »

Why do my eyes sting every time I close them or blink?

i agree with the other people. get some sleep and if they are still "stingng" when you wake up go to the eye drops. and if that doesn't work then go to the eye doctor. there could be something wron... Read More »

If there is a bee sting but it doesn't have the stinger in the sting what should you do besides put ice on it?

If the stinger was there you would know it. Stingers don't go entirely through all the skin. It is not unusual not to have the stinger in the bee sting wound.Wash it and apply some antibiotic oin... Read More »

Quick! home remedy for a bee sting please! made baking soda paste already sting is on foot?

From a pharmacist...the tobacco and mud solutions hold water. I assume you have already done this. It is time for Benadryl...capusles, not the topical. Don't drive.Feel better!