Bedroom Tile Ideas?

Answer Tile in home decor is ordinarily limited to the bathroom, kitchen and hallway floor, but you can use tile in unexpected areas to create truly striking looks. One of the most surprising rooms to ben... Read More »

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Bedroom Ideas for a Small Bedroom Under a Low Budget?

When your tiny bedroom starts to feel drab, and you're tired of the same old colors and styles, redecorate that small space to bring it back to life. It doesn't have to cost a fortune to redecorate... Read More »

Is tile floor good for a bedroom?

Yes, tile or hardwood. Either will help eliminate the dust problem if they're kept clean. I'd prefer wood personally.She also should eliminate curtains in her bedroom, as well as plants and anyth... Read More »

I laid tile in my home. the grout going along the bedroom is crumbling.?

No, don't use either. It will look horrible! Just re-grout it, it's not hard, and very inexpensive. Make sure to seal it when you're done patching or re-doing the whole thing. Okay, if you're just ... Read More »

Guy's Bedroom Ideas?

Bedrooms for young men are often considered to be utilitarian. After all, the rock band and superstar athlete posters often tend to stop around middle school and high school. Bedrooms for men often... Read More »