Bedpan Cleaning?

Answer It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it. Bedpans, while undesirable, are a necessity for those who are on bed rest or can't make it to the bathroom on their own accord. Just as there are people ... Read More »

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Who invented the bedpan?

A bedpan, also known as a bed pan, helps people in the hospital urinate and defecate without having to leave their rooms. It's unclear who invented such a device, but Huang Tingjian (1086-1093 C.E.... Read More »

How to Remove a Bedpan?

For a patient, using a bedpan and asking for assistance with it can be an embarrassing situation. As caretaker or assistant, you need to treat the patient with compassion and courtesy, while effici... Read More »

I have had the Ñ•hits horrible for days now. In fact, I'm typing while on a bedpan. Any remedies to suggest?

Just put the webcam at the bottom of the bedpan and have at it!! No need to thank me!

Is it possible your doctor perforated your daughters eardrum cleaning wax out There was blood noted during the cleaning?

Bleeding need not necessarily be due to perforation of eardrum. If the wax is hard some bleeding can be expected due to abrasion of the lining of the ear canal.