Bedpan Cleaning?

Answer It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it. Bedpans, while undesirable, are a necessity for those who are on bed rest or can't make it to the bathroom on their own accord. Just as there are people ... Read More »

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How to Remove a Bedpan?

For a patient, using a bedpan and asking for assistance with it can be an embarrassing situation. As caretaker or assistant, you need to treat the patient with compassion and courtesy, while effici... Read More »

Who invented the bedpan?

A bedpan, also known as a bed pan, helps people in the hospital urinate and defecate without having to leave their rooms. It's unclear who invented such a device, but Huang Tingjian (1086-1093 C.E.... Read More »

I have had the Ñ•hits horrible for days now. In fact, I'm typing while on a bedpan. Any remedies to suggest?

Just put the webcam at the bottom of the bedpan and have at it!! No need to thank me!

I need a good slogan for my Cleaning service the name is Rise"N shine Cleaning?