Becoming independent for tuition purpose.?

Answer The cost of tuition does not vary based on your dependency status. For state supported schools, (public vs private) is varies based on your residency status. (what state you live in). Who ever t... Read More »

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Purpose of Becoming a Social Worker?

Social work is a profession committed to improving people's lives and enhancing their well-being. Social workers have excellent interpersonal skills and generally specialize in one public health ar... Read More »

Is it better to be an independent college student for the purpose of getting state or federal grants?

well, you could get married. But, look at all of the things you will have to do, pay for a marriage license, must need health insurance and you will have to get a job. Also, being independent does... Read More »

I am J-2 visa, would like to attend com. college. will i be considered resident (tuition purpose) after 1 year?

I don't believe so. I think you need to have at least a Green Card, or if you are under 25, I think your parent's would have to live in the community and have at least a Green Card. US colleges do ... Read More »

Does amry rotc pay for tuition room and board or just tuition?

In the US, marijuana is still prohibited by federal law, regardless of laws in some states which may permit medicinal use. Consistent with that, the US military, including Army ROTC, has a zero-tol... Read More »