Bebo, Facebook or My Space, which is the best?

Answer Bebo is much better less "messy" with its applications than facebook it is all over the place even tho you can arrange it bebo neatly does that for you....hope it helped :)

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Bebo or facebook?

bebo definately. i think it depends where you live and what age you im from ireland and im 19, ALL my friends are on bebo at home and in scotland (where im at uni)friends from usa are genera... Read More »

Which is best....facebook or bebo?

facebook is really nosey. i mean that starts so much drama but i don't know what bebo is

Bebo Or Facebook tell me?

Bebo is easier, there are more things to do on it and much more fun. Facebook seems to be confusing... but it's okay when you understand it ]: I personally would choose Bebo!

Facebook or bebo?