Beauty Tips for Girls Who Wear Glasses?

Answer Women who have to wear glasses might feel as though it hides or detracts from their beauty. That does not have to be the case. Selecting a fashionable pair of glasses that suit your face can improv... Read More »

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Beauty Tips for Women With Eye Glasses?

With so many different shapes, styles and colors of eyeglasses available today, women often choose their glasses not only as a corrective aid, but also as a fashion accessory. Yet, you need to pay ... Read More »

Beauty Tips for Girls?

Growing up can be a confusing time. The media and your friends tell you to do one thing, while your parents, teachers and grandparents tell you something else. Creating your own sense of style and ... Read More »

Beauty tips for girls!!?

Great tips,thanks!I'll just add one of my own...* For a cheap hand exfoliator,pour some salt and baby oil into your hands,massage/rub your hands together for a few minutes,wash off and apply hand c... Read More »

Makeup Tips for People Who Wear Glasses?

Many women are unsure when it comes to mastering the art of eye makeup application for eyeglasses. Should you have a less-is-more attitude, or apply more makeup so that your eyes stand out behind t... Read More »