Beauty Tips for African Americans?

Answer The beauty industry has historically ignored African Americans. However, today an increasing number of lines, products and beauty tips are being released with African Americans in mind. Beauty tips... Read More »

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Hair Weave Tips for African Americans?

African-American hair weaves can be styled in a variety of ways. Hair weaving is a process that involves bonding, fusion or hair glue. During this process, human or synthetic hair is glued to a per... Read More »

Hair Care Tips for African Americans?

African American hair is generally very different from Caucasian or naturally straight hair. This tightly curled, textured hair requires special care for it to be healthy. Whether your hair is chem... Read More »

African American Beauty Tips?

Every woman needs to feel beautiful. However, working against your genetic features to try to fit the mold of mainstream beauty only leads to the masking of your natural beauty. Becoming a master a... Read More »

African American Teen Beauty Tips?

As a teenager, you are probably beginning to establish a routine for your hair and skin care. African-American skin and hair has a wide variety of tones, types and textures, therefore requiring sli... Read More »