Beauty Tips by Experts?

Answer You want to look as beautiful as you can, but you don't want to break your budget. You find you're needing to make changes in how you apply makeup as well as what shades you buy. The colors you wor... Read More »

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What are some beauty tips and what exactly is a beauty sleep?

OK some beauty tips:MAKEUPnever wear lip liner a shade/shades darker than your lipstickunder 30-shouldn't be wearing lip liner anywaywiggle the brush as you apply mascarawhen applying lipstick to a... Read More »

Beauty Tips & Beauty Products?

Looking and feeling your best does wonders for a woman's confidence. Whether you choose to wear a face full of cosmetics or just some lipstick and moisturizer, it is helpful to know a few beauty ti... Read More »

Beauty Tips From Men?

A shift in attitude about a man's appearance has caused more beauty products to be specifically marketed toward men in recent years. A 2007 Nielsen study found that 84 percent of American consumers... Read More »

Beauty Tips for Under the Sun?

Hitting the beach or lying out by the pool can be a relaxing and fun way to spend a summer day, but comes with potential health risks. Overexposure to the sun can lead to skin cancer, sunburns and ... Read More »