Beauty Tips From the Kitchen?

Answer As of 2008, women purchase approximately $7 billion annually worth of beauty products and cosmetics. With all the fancy advertisements and celebrity endorsements, it's tough to avoid all of the med... Read More »

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Beauty Tips From Men?

A shift in attitude about a man's appearance has caused more beauty products to be specifically marketed toward men in recent years. A 2007 Nielsen study found that 84 percent of American consumers... Read More »

Beauty Tips From the Bible Era?

Many of the beauty treatments from Biblical times have been used for centuries or have been rediscovered as anti-aging treatments. Certain fruits were consumed for their anti-aging properties, whil... Read More »

Beauty Tips From Around the World?

Every country has its own secret to keeping its women physically attractive. If you are on the lookout for new beauty tips, take advice from different women around the world. Learn how to achieve s... Read More »

Beauty Tips on Burnt Hair From a Perm?

When chemicals are left on the hair beyond manufacturer's suggested processing times, hair and scalp problems can occur. The scalp may become tender, and hair can break from over-processing. Once h... Read More »