Beauty Advice on Healing Broken Skin?

Answer Broken skin on the face or other visible parts of the body can be embarrassing and all too noticeable. While you may not be able to cover the broken skin completely, there are some makeup tricks yo... Read More »

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A Remedy for Healing Broken Skin?

Particularly in winter, many of us experience skin that is irritated and dehydrated, causing it to crack, or "break." Broken skin usually occurs on the hands and feet, especially the palms and heel... Read More »

What to do while broken ankle is healing?

Always try to rest broken ankles as much as possible, because it will help the healing process. There is nothing to say you can't tackle 2 flights of stairs, you could firstly ask your son to help ... Read More »

What is the healing time of a broken pelvis.?

Broken Pelvis A broken pelvis is one of the most serious conditions a victim of a vehicle accident can endure. The pelvis is the ring-like structure of bones at the lower end of the trunk which cra... Read More »

What vitamins would be most helpful in healing a broken bone?

I would recommend calcium and magnesium. Stay away from eating spinach because the American Medical Association has proved that regular consumption can double your healing time. Good luck, hope you... Read More »