Beating an Eating Disorder Tips?

Answer McDonald's!

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Is binge eating a real eating disorder?

Yes! Get help with the disorder. Most likely you have it if you have all the signs!

I think i have an eating disorder?

Yes.You need to go research eating disords, and girls with extreme cases AND REALISE WHAT YOU ARE DOING BEFORE IT GETS OUT OF CONTROLit's not glamorous, it's not coolIn a few months you are going t... Read More »

Would you consider this an eating disorder?

OK, eating a banana and hot pocket? Is this a balanced diet? A banana is a fruit but you are missing certain key nutients. Eating some grains and vegetables each day are critical. You might hav... Read More »

Do I have an eating disorder!?

Your weight for your height and age is perfect, your body will be great you do not need these thoughts, if you are that paranoid get out and exercise more and cut out sweets