Bearing Removal in a Dodge Ram 3500?

Answer Removing the bearing from your Dodge Ram 3500 is a job that you can do in an hour or two. The bearing in a Dodge Ram fits inside the wheel hub on the axle and allows the wheel to turn smoothly on t... Read More »

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How to Assemble the Axle Bearing in a Dodge 3500?

After many trips into the woods or after taking your truck mudding, you may hear a grinding sound coming from the area of the wheels. This can be the result of breaking the seal around the bearing ... Read More »

Dodge Dakota Front Wheel Bearing Removal?

The front wheel bearings on your Dodge Dakota allow the wheels to spin freely on the axle spindle. These sealed bearings may cause noise once they wear out, develop a pit on the races, bends and ot... Read More »

Dodge Truck Front Wheel Bearing Removal?

Wheel bearings are designed to reduce the friction in the wheels when the vehicle is rolling and to provide stability to the wheel. Sometimes called cones and rollers, these bearings are packed wit... Read More »

How To Reset the OBD II on a Dodge Ram 3500?

Trouble codes are created and stored in your Dodge Ram 3500 when a malfunction in the engine has been recognized by the computer system. You can clear the code without addressing the underlying pro... Read More »