Beards of the 70s?

Answer Alas, the fashion statement made by beards in 1970s seems to pale in comparison with that of the much more flamboyant 1970s mustaches. Nonetheless many bold expressions of chin hair were on view du... Read More »

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Are men with big, bushy beards supposed to shampoo their beards?

when i use to have a beard i shampooed it every morning and combed it out and kept it trimmed.

Beards in the '80s?

According to 80's XChange, the 1980s weren't a time in which people were known for their beards and facial hair. While facial hair was trending downward, things like Ray-Ban sunglasses and ear pier... Read More »

About Beards?

A beard is hair grown on the face of a man or woman. In some societies, beards have held great significance, culturally marking an individual's faith or manhood. In other societies beards have serv... Read More »

What do beards mean?

In its simplest definition, a beard is the hair a man grows on his face. It can be groomed to any of a number of styles, including a goatee or soul patch, but it is normally referred to as a beard ... Read More »