Be honest, how often do you wash your hands after going to the loo?

Answer Always, because, you see, all of these people are taking a pee and touching their sweaty, gnarly privates and not washing, then going out and touching things like the flusher, the light switch, and... Read More »

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How to Wash Your Hands?

Practice good sanitation habits. If your hands are not clean and you touch your face or public surfaces, you may be infecting yourself and others by spreading germs and disease. Colds, flus, and in... Read More »

How to Get Men to Wash Their Hands?

Do you really want to shake a man's unwashed hand? Do you want your food prepared or touched by unclean man hands? Do you want to eat PEE-nuts?

Should I wash my hands for 20 sec. or 30 sec.?

what work makes u 2 wash ur hand in this much little time

How to Wash Tar Off of Your Hands?

Tar is a useful substance for many projects, but it can be difficult to remove from your hands. It is very sticky, and washing it can be a challenge.