Be honest... Do you think I'm big for my age?

Answer Brittany, It really depends on your height that you did not mention. If you are 5' 3" you have a Body Mass Index of 20.4 which would be considered in the normal range. Feel free to look up you... Read More »

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Be Honest, what do you think?

In most cases I'm of the mind to keep religion out of business, schools and government. You know, separation of church and state!However , if you are only looking to attract like minded people, it... Read More »

What do you think of this girl... Be HONEST?

it is best to do both. but morning is fine because you'll feel refreshed, awake, and smell good!!!trust me i take a bath in the morning everyday!

Do you think I'm pretty Honest answers only?

You are honestly really pretty! You have nice eyes and you suit glasses. You should try doing something fancy with your hair sometime because that would make you even prettier and I'm sure your cru... Read More »

Do you think i am overweight (honest answers please)?

you need to gain some weight. I would think that at 126lbs and nearly 6 feet tall, you need to be at least 20 lbs heavierplease talk to your parents and go to a doctor