Battleship War Games?

Answer The original version of "Battleship" surfaced in the early 20th century and was a paper and pencil guessing game played between two people. Since then it has been adapted, modified and expanded int... Read More »

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What is a battleship?

A battleship is considered to be any type of ship equipped for war. Not only are they heavily armed, but most likely armed with the heaviest armor available. According to the American Heritage Dict... Read More »

How to Win in Battleship?

Ever wanted to know how to win at the Battleship strategy game? While it is nearly impossible for a sure fire way the rest of this article will explain winning tips and strategies.

How to Win at Battleship?

This tutorial will explore winning strategies for the classic grid/guessing game Battleship.

How to Draw a Battleship?

With an armory of weaponry on deck, battleships travel the world's oceans to attain command of the sea during periods of military action. Drawing a battleship requires a well-sharpened pencil and a... Read More »