Battery is Dead After a Starter Problem?

Answer Taking care of your car's electrical system is crucial in keeping your car starting every time. Many starting problems can appear to be a failed starter when in fact; another component has failed.

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Will a Car Battery Recharge Itself After Being Dead?

Even for the least initiated among us, the car battery presents little mystery when compared with the rest of the automotive repair world. A dead battery can usually be recharged with a jump from a... Read More »

How may I fix "no service" problem on Android phone after I take off the battery?

If all was done right, the no service should only last a few minutes at most.??? Otherwise, bring it to your store where you bought it, and see if they can find the problem...(Please don't say Metr... Read More »

Has anyone had the a problem in a 2002 Jetta that the Child safety lock is stuck on after a battery power loss?

i 1st let my child stay home when he was 8 but i left my rockweeler babysitting him i never did see poor timmy again :(

Am still having problem..even after downloading and scanning my problem is not solved yet?

Chances r u got a smitfraud trojan.Run this tool, it cleared it for me. Instructions r also there, follow it exactly.…But this tool is for XP & win2k only.