Battery Replacement Instructions for a 2002 Toyota Sienna?

Answer Make a point to replace your 2002 Toyota Sienna battery with a genuine TrueStart battery---the brand used exclusively by the manufacturer. You can install your your new battery easily within an hou... Read More »

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How to Replace the Alternator in a 2002 Toyota Sienna?

If the alternator in your 2002 Toyota Sienna van is not properly functioning, it will cause the battery to drain very quickly. Because of its large engine compartment, the Sienna's alternator is si... Read More »

How to Replace the Accessory Belt on a 2002 Toyota Sienna?

The accessory belt on the 2002 Toyota Sienna is a single belt that operates all of the engine accessories. The belt travels around the water pump pulley, the power steering pump pulley, the alterna... Read More »

How to Adjust Alternator Belt on a Toyota Sienna 2002?

The alternator belt on a 2002 Toyota Sienna is a non-adjustable serpentine belt. The serpentine belt is tightened around the pulleys by a spring loaded tensioner and not an adjustment bracket. If t... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot the Emissions Light on a 2002 Toyota Sienna?

A code scanner is required to pull the fault codes from the 2002 Toyota Sienna's computer. The fault codes on the Toyota Sienna are stored in the computer as a letter followed by four numbers. This... Read More »