Battery Replacement Instructions for a 1993 BMW?

Answer Whenever your 1993 BMW needs a battery replacement, you either have to make the choice to do it yourself, or pay to have a technician perform the change for you. Since it isn't very difficult to pu... Read More »

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1993 Ford Taurus Tensioner Pulley Replacement Instructions?

The tensioner pulley on a 1993 Ford Taurus is a spring-loaded swivel arm mechanism with a smooth pulley on the end of the arm. The spring keeps the tension on the belt. This is a two-piece unit, wh... Read More »

1993 Chevy Corsica Fuel Pump Replacement Instructions?

Fuel pump failure will stop a car in its tracks. An engine sputtering and shutting off is the most notable sign of pump failure. If there is gas in your tank and your car sputters and shuts down yo... Read More »

Mazda 626 Battery Replacement Instructions?

Why pay an auto parts professional or mechanic to replace the battery in your Mazda 626 when you can do it yourself? When it comes to vehicle maintenance and repair, replacing the battery is one of... Read More »

Watch Battery Replacement Instructions?

The lifespan of your watch's battery often depends on the type of watch you own. For example, the battery in a multifunctional watch will not last as long as the battery for a traditional analog wr... Read More »