Battery Cable Safety?

Answer A battery cable is, essentially, any wire connected to a battery. Many people are most familiar with the battery cables in cars and automobile jumper cables, which are used to start a car with a de... Read More »

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Winch Cable Safety?

Winch cables are handy tools when used correctly. If the right safety precautions are not used when winching, serious injury or death can occur.

How to Use Car Battery Safety Tips?

The battery is one of the vital parts of any car and at the same time, it can be the most dangerous. Whether you're jump starting a battery that won't start on its own, or you just performing routi... Read More »

Knight Rail Safety Cable Installation?

A Knight aluminum rail provides additional storage for larger commercial and work vehicles while reducing overhead storage loads. Safety cables keep the storage area secure by preventing the overhe... Read More »

Safety Tips for AC Delco Battery?

AC Delco is a major manufacturer of car batteries, primarily found in General Motors' products. AC Delco batteries, as well as those of other manufacturers, contain caustic and corrosive chemicals ... Read More »