Baton & Dance Colleges?

Answer Baton and dance colleges offer students a comprehensive education in baton twirling and dance. Some baton and dance colleges specialize in one program or the other, while other colleges place equal... Read More »

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Dance & Art Colleges?

There are a plethora of colleges that focus on dance and performing arts throughout the country. These schools offer a rigorous curriculum of dance study and training combined with core academic co... Read More »

Colleges for Dance?

Whether it's at a major university or a small college that specializes in the field, students wishing to study dance have a wide selection of institutions to choose from around the country. These s... Read More »

Colleges for Dance Choreography?

Advanced dance students usually set their sights on becoming professional performers. However, dancers with the urge to stretch their creative wings might consider pursuing a career in choreography... Read More »

Dance Schools & Colleges?

Like most performing arts, the field of dance is very competitive. Only the most talented, experienced and dedicated dancers will be self-supporting solely through dancing jobs or employment within... Read More »