Batik Pattern Ideas?

Answer Though batik is a textile craft, it is considered an art form. According to the Batik Guild, the craft is most associated with Indonesia, but it was first found in China during the Sui Dynasty, whi... Read More »

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Backsplash Pattern Ideas?

In a kitchen, a backsplash provides a functional decor option; it protects the wall from water or food damage and adds a touch of style or color. As you design your backsplash pattern, examine how ... Read More »

Curtain Pattern Ideas?

One way to accessorize your home easily is to add patterned curtains. Whether the decor in your home is simple or eclectic, curtains with fun patterns and designs will liven up the look. For an int... Read More »

Easter Egg Coloring Pattern Ideas?

There are probably as many ways to decorate an Easter egg as there are eggs to decorate, but if you would like to try your artistic skills, forget the blase all-over pastels, and go for eggs with a... Read More »

Guitar Power Chord Pattern Ideas?

Power chords are nothing more than regular chords with a few notes missing; sometimes known as "cheater chords" they are the first few notes of basic bar chords. Normally power chords are associate... Read More »