Bathroom question 2012?

Answer Although at least once a day is OK anything from 3 times a week to 3 times a day is deemed to be normal and acceptable although 3 times a day is probably much better than 3 times a week.

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Camera usage for DNC 2012 question?

I can't speak for the DNC and what they consider "professional", but I would take it - all they can do is tell you to take it back to the hotel, or leave it with them for later retrieval. However, ... Read More »

What was the trivia question today on Ellen's show on March 16 2012?

What magazine has Ellen appeared on? The answer was O magazine.

What was the trivia question on the Ellen DeGeneres show on March 23 2012?

Embaressing Bathroom Question?

You probably have a hemorrhoid, which is like a varicose vein, and it swells up and breaks open under pressure. Go to the grocery store and buy some Metamucil and some Preparation H suppositories ... Read More »