Bath or Shower which do u prefer?

Answer A Bath for relaxing times... A Shower for hectic times!

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Bath or shower Which do you prefer?

Baths are best in winter when you can relax with a glass of wine and a good book.Showers are better in summer when you're so hot and have come back from the beach or first thing in the morning.

Do you prefer and shower or Bath and are you male or female?

I prefer to shower but I try to have a bath at least once a week.My boyfriend on the other hand LOVES to take baths. Weird huh?

Which is better for you a bath or a shower?

I say whatever makes you more comfotable and gets you clean

Which is better a bath or shower?

Actually, a lot of your answerers are only half-informed.All the scrubbing in the shower won't do much good if you don't soak beforehand, and all the soaking in the bath won't do much good if you d... Read More »