Bath Gel Ingredients?

Answer Bath gels are rarely sold as strictly for bathing. They are often sold as bath and shower gels to be used in the bath or shower. Bath gel and shower gels have the same base ingredients that provide... Read More »

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Ingredients for a Milk Bath?

Milk baths are beneficial because they are natural, soothing and skin softening and do not have the harsh chemicals found in many other bath products. Homemade milk baths are particularly beneficia... Read More »

Bath Powder Ingredients?

Bath powder is a fine powder you dab on your body, usually after taking a bath or shower. It should leave you with a feeling of overall freshness. Most bath powders are available at stores that sel... Read More »

Ingredients for a Detox Bath?

A detox bath improves circulation and stimulates internal heat in order to help the body eliminate excesses of fat and toxins. Taking regular detox baths can improve sleep quality; complexion and d... Read More »

How to Make Bath Salts & Ingredients?

The method for making bath salts at home is very simple—essentially it involves nothing more than measuring and combining a few basic ingredients. The artistry comes in choosing and blending the ... Read More »