Basics on Automobile Drive Shafts?

Answer The driveshaft is a simple component that is at the heart of any vehicle. It is a rotating piece of metal that connects the engine to the axles. Most vehicles have their transmission in the same sp... Read More »

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Automobile Computer Basics?

The automotive computer is also known as the ECM. This means "engine control module". The purpose of the ECM is to monitor the sensors of the vehicle and communicate with the motor to make adjustme... Read More »

Automobile Fuel System Restoration Basics?

Automotive fuel systems are subject to a lot of wear and tear, are are often one of the first things to need restoration on older cars. Their components must constantly cope with a number of powe... Read More »

How to Replace Drive Shafts?

The drive shaft is the long, round-shaped component that travels from the back of the transmission to the front of the rear end. Once the vehicle is cranked and the transmission is engaged, the yok... Read More »

How to Shorten Drive Shafts?

If you are mechanically inclined and feel up to a challenge, modify your drive shafts by shortening them. You may require shorter drive shafts because you've replaced your transmission or are modif... Read More »