Basic computer help ?

Answer create a new user on your computer with the privileges you want and delete the old user.

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I need help creating a JavaScript Basic Slide Show with no JQuery at all. Can anyone please help me out?

You can use setInterval to plan the next animation tick.This is roughly what jQuery does to animate (core):function tick(){var now = new Date.getTime();if (now>endTime) now=endTimeproperties.foreac... Read More »

Basic Computer question?

the work area within your computer gets cluttered up with the remnants of the things youve been worling on, till finally it becomes slow to process because of it.Defragmenter sweeps away all those ... Read More »

Basic Computer Acronyms?

Many computer terms are presented as acronyms, initials standing for multiple words. Before you can understand computer terminology, you must understand what some of the basic computer acronyms mea... Read More »

Basic Computer Hardware & Networking?

Computer networking is a way to share resources such as data, files, programs and Internet connections. It is important to decide before you begin to install your network whether you want a wired o... Read More »