Basic Resuscitation Training?

Answer Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) refers to a technique used to help victims of cardiac arrest maintain circulation until medical personnel arrive. CPR is usually performed on people who have nea... Read More »

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What weapons do soldiers learn to use in Air force Basic Training and what uniforms are assigned in Air force basic?

The correct term is Airmen, not soldiers. Airmen learn to use the M-16 in basic training and are now issued the ABU (Airman Battle Uniform).

How often is basic training?

Individuals enlisting in the U.S military are required to complete a period of intense basic training, also called boot camp. Basic training classes start multiple times each year with each branch ... Read More »

Can you go out during basic training?

For the most part, no. However, there will be times when you're allowed an on-post pass. Sometimes, it may even be possible to get an off-post pass.

AF Basic Training?

United States Air Force trainees endure eight and a half weeks of basic training exercises, lecture topics, field operations, combat first aid training and core value learning. Recruits train at th... Read More »