Basic Reading Skills for Grade 2?

Answer Second grade students have a basic foundation for reading. They have learned strategies for deciphering new words as well as how to pull a story apart to find the beginning, middle and end. As chil... Read More »

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How to Review Basic Reading Skills for Grade 2?

A second grade student who is learning to read must first be proficient in basic reading skills like phonics, punctuation and comprehension. Whether you are a parent, teacher or tutor of a second g... Read More »

What Are Pre-Reading Skills That Are Related to More Skilled Reading in First Grade?

Preschool and kindergarten-aged students often study pre-reading skills to help them move on to more skilled reading in first grade. Pre-reading skills that help young students learn to read includ... Read More »

Basic Reading Skills for Children?

Basic reading skills build a foundation that will take children through elementary school and prepare them for the advanced language arts skills needed in middle school. As early as kindergarten, a... Read More »

Accommodations of Disabilities in Basic Reading Skills?

Reading is a slow and painful process for many children with learning disabilities. Students with dyslexia have difficulty recalling known vocabulary and decoding written text. The comprehension le... Read More »