Basic Personality Types?

Answer There are numerous theories that assert different categories for types of human personality. These theories grew in popularity with the rise of behaviorist psychology in the 20th century. A notable... Read More »

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The Big Five Personality Types?

Since the 1980s, researchers have been studying the five main personality traits. These traits are often referred to as the "Big Five" and each trait is measured by numerous subordinate traits. The... Read More »

Anime Personality Types?

Characters found in anime often have stereotypical personalities. As in theatrical melodramas centuries ago, each character fills a certain need in the story. Audiences have come to expect certain ... Read More »

Profile Personality Types?

Profile personality types can be assessed through the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, which categorizes people into 16 basic personality types. This practical tool helps people understand themselves a... Read More »

The Development of Personality Types?

Personality types consist of a set of characteristics which distinguish them from others. Personality traits include thought patterns, emotions and temperament which, subsequently, influences behav... Read More »