Basic Needs in Deserts?

Answer The desert is a landscape that is characterized by extreme dryness, with minimal moisture and precipitation. Deserts are known for their brittle and arid climates, and as a result can be difficult ... Read More »

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How many deserts are in Egypt?

There are two major deserts in Egypt. The area of the country west of the Nile, known as the Western Desert, is part of the Sahara Desert, also known as the Libyan Desert. The area of Egypt east of... Read More »

Climates for Deserts?

A variety of classification systems exist for separating the characteristics of a desert climate. The most commonly used classification system is to use groups related to precipitation. The four ma... Read More »

Where are most deserts located?

Most deserts lie between the Tropic of Capricorn and the Tropic of Cancer in an area known as the Tropics or the Torrid Zone. The Tropic of Capricorn is south of the equator at latitude 23.5 degree... Read More »

Are there any deserts in Mozambique?

A true desert receives an average annual rainfall of no more than 10 inches, according to USGS. The driest areas of Mozambique receive an average annual rainfall of 13.7 inches, according to AAAS. ... Read More »