Basic Math Projects?

Answer Math projects in elementary school illustrate what your students have learned up to and including that year of school. Use these basic projects in math fairs or in the classroom. Help your students... Read More »

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What is basic math?

Because students have different abilities in math, and because basic math concepts are used in all areas of life, schools offer classes in "basic math" concepts from elementary school and on into c... Read More »

Basic Math Factors?

Math factoring is listing all the numbers that can be multiplied by another number to get a specific number. For example, factors of eight are one, two, four and eight because one times eight equal... Read More »

How to Study Basic Math?

Math can seem daunting to some, especially if you have not practiced it for a long time. There are a great number of names and rules to memorize but, as with any other subject, with enough practice... Read More »

What Are Math Basic Facts?

Basic math facts from the state performance indicators for middle schools vary slightly by state, but the Educational Testing Service (ETS), which certifies teachers nationally, recognizes a set of... Read More »