Basic Math Facts for Elementary Students?

Answer Parents seem to question their ability to teach basic math facts to their homeschooled students. They worry if they will cover all the math their elementary age student needs to successfully tackle... Read More »

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What does basic facts mean in elementary math?

In early elementary school, basic math facts are addition and subtraction facts up to ten. In later elementary school, basic math facts are simple multiplication and division facts, like the 1s, 2s... Read More »

How Many Basic Math Facts Should Students Complete in One Minute?

With the development of the Internet came the evolution of many aspects of society. While distance learning had existed for many years, it was mainly through correspondence. This new, wireless meth... Read More »

What Are Math Basic Facts?

Basic math facts from the state performance indicators for middle schools vary slightly by state, but the Educational Testing Service (ETS), which certifies teachers nationally, recognizes a set of... Read More »

Basic Map Symbols to Teach Elementary Students?

As children learn about the world around them, they must learn about the physical geography in their local neighborhoods, states, country and around the world. Map symbols provide convenient shortc... Read More »