Basic Accounting Questions?

Answer In principle, accounting is as simple as listing transactions to keep track of money going into and out of a company so that both the owners and potential investors can assess the company's financi... Read More »

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How to Do Basic Accounting?

Basic Accounting means getting down to the nuts and boltsAccounting is the language of business. People with knowledge of accounting can be helpful in a variety of ways in almost every field imagin... Read More »

Basic Accounting Terms?

Financial terminology can be confusing to people with no accounting background. As with any profession, there are certain technical terms that are typical of the accounting world that may not be fa... Read More »

Basic Accounting Games?

The days of learning accounting principles through static flashcards or in monotonous classrooms are over. Basic accounting games range from bingo to Monopoly to online games and virtual worlds. Th... Read More »

Basic Accounting Tutorial?

Accounting is the method of organizing the financial information of an entity. It's a set of rules that cover every financial situation so that anyone with the skills to read a set of accounting bo... Read More »