Bare it all its cracked up to be?

Answer I have used bare minerals and I loved it, but on vacation my luggage got lost, so I went to the nearest drugstore and got some make up called Bare Naturale by L'oreal it's the same idea only cheape... Read More »

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Are you a fan of bare feet?

How Do I Get My Bare Minerals to Last All Day?

Bare Minerals is a pure mineral makeup designed to provide a smooth finish to the skin. Omitting the use of chemicals, additives and fillers makes Bare Minerals suitable for all skin types, particu... Read More »

How do I lay sod over a bare lawn spot?

PreparationDig away any dead grass or lawn debris from the bare spot.Cut the SodUse a knife to cut the sod to match the bare spot. Hold the sod over the bare spot to make sure it is sized and shape... Read More »

Does bare minerals work?

On One Hand: Effective MakeupMineral Makeup Reviews lists Bare Minerals as one of the best known and most popular of the mineral makeups on the market. Its popularity and loyal customer base are ev... Read More »